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Juvenile Bald Eagle

Northern Shoveler

The Incomparable Wood Duck Portrait Session

One of the finest looking birds of our region poses in many ways just for you to see here.

Red Tail Hawk feeding essay

click here to see 6 sharp close ups essay of this raptor at work


Lovely American Widgeon

Finally got a definitive view of this beauty.

Big Lens Birding

I put the 400mm lens to work.  See essay here.

Big Lens Birding 400mm

click here to see 12 picture essay with a delightful Kildeer feature


Pelicans – May 2014

Click the photo to open up the essay


Audubon Center, Sante Fe NM

look here how many free birds pix you can gather in a single visit to the Randall Davey Audubon Center, Santa Fe, NM.

Western Scrub Jay

First time birding, part 4 – others

part 1 cormorants    part 2 bittern, pelican    part 3 heron, owl, hawk